Proactive recruitment approach is effective when looking for such positions like sales representative, IT specialists, accountants, engineers etc. Applying this technology... we use various sources of information about candidates. There are data bases, job ads in newspapers and on internet. Though, our main advantage in comparison to other recruiters in Latvia is that we include direct search of candidates in our recruiting process. We ACTIVELY go to candidates not waiting while they maybe see the job ad and maybe send us their CV.

Probability that the candidate you need sees your job ad and applies to the position, is pretty low. We are sure no company is interested to waste hundreds or sometimes even thousands of lats or euros for job ads and to receive CVs of candidates that do not fit the position. Looking for personnel daily consultants of Trendsetters have valuable information about labor market in general as well as specific areas of business. This information helps us to save time and money of our Clients when they use our personnel search and selection services.

We strongly believe that experience and knowledge of Trendsetters will help you to recruit employees that will develop your business and increase its profitability. Proactive recruitment allows successful finding of employees for performing specific tasks and functions. Compensation level of employees found using proactive recruitment technology is in the range between 300 to 1000 Lats (450 – 1500 Euros). If looking for the employee with higher remuneration package it is wise to use executive search approach.