Every owner and director wants to make wise and correct decisions concerning the development and growth of the company. It becomes vitally crucial when it comes down to personnel issues like hiring, employees promotion, replacement and firing. To be able to make right choice of who to hire, to promote or to move within the organization you have TO KNOW your employees. It includes both professional skills and their personality characteristics.

Your BENEFITS as a director/top manager from personnel assessment

It allows:

  • To increase productivity through splitting job assignments and responsibilities according to employees skills, abilities and motivation
  • To discern future leaders and people to develop. 
  • To reduce staff turnover by creating career development plans and environment where people are able to grow and stay loyal to the organization for years.

Information you get from personnel assessment

  • Factors that really motivates each of your employees. Recommendations on what you might do to motivate your personnel.
  • Employee’s strong sides and areas to improve. Recommendations on training program to develop skills important for the job.
  • Inclinations of employee to certain type of jobs and professions. Recommendations on where within the company the person can bring the most value. 
  • Objective and precise information about personal characteristics of each employee. Recommendations on management style that applies the best to each specific employee.