Executive search is used to find and attract key managers and professional to the organization. Candidates search is done directly (without publishing job ads in media) and is focused on reaching... specific targets. There are many factors like Client’s company culture, management style and personality of direct supervisor that are taken into consideration. In-depth analysis of candidate’s business and personal qualities is always done when executive search is applied. Executive search is the most effective approach to find key personnel.

It takes more efforts and requires high professional skills of a headhunter. The investment is usually higher than in traditional recruitment but it is definitely worth of end results. In the beginning of its existence executive search was used primarily to find top managers for big international companies. Current labor market situation makes executive search a necessary tool to find and recruit professionals both of middle and top level! Main benefit Clients get of executive search is that it gives close to 100% probability of finding and selecting of necessary candidate. Success depends a lot on the professional skills of headhunter.

Being different from many recruiters that sell top managers and professionals from their own data base, we look for a candidate who is able to bring the solution and achieve specific targets or our Client sets forth. Our executive search process does not focus on formal criteria to candidates but we select professionals who increase company’s turnover, open representative office or able to start selling new products or services of your company.